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      While it is important for families to eat together,it is equally important that the meals they share consist of good quality foods. If not the family will eventually experience physical and mental disorders,and ultimate decompocition. To secure the long term health and well being of the entire family,we recommend basing the family’s daily diet around such natural and traditional foods as whole cereal grains,fresh local vegetables,beans and bean products,and other complex carbohydrates.
      We recommend that all members of the family eat a macrobiotic diet. However,the general suggestions that follow are not meant to be used rigdly or interpreted dogmatically. Everyone has different needs based on factors such as age,sex,type of activity,physical constitution,present condition,and other characteristhics. Your children’s dietary needs are especially different from your own. For example,you need to pay careful attention to the ammont af salt that your children use.
      Adulst can generally ude a larger but not excessive volume,while it is better for babies and small children to avoid salt entirely,at least during the first year or so. The seasonings and condimens that are recommended for moderate daily use can be introduced gradually as children grow.
     Our diets also need to be adjusted in responses to the changing conditions in the environment,such as variation in season and climate. General recoomendations for modifying the sstandart macrobiotic way of eating to suit particular environments are included in our other books listed in the Recommende Reading List. These bools are also recommended for futher study.

Figure 1.1 The Standart Macrobotic Diet 

 Plus Supplementary Foods :

fish and seafood                

<~ beverages 

seasonal fruits



condiments and seasoning 


      We recommend that cooked whole grain cereals comprise at least half (50%) of every meal. Whole grains are grainsthat are eaten intact that is,none of the edible portions of the grains (the bran,germ.and endosperm) have been removed.

Tabel 1.1 Whole Grains and Grain Product

For Regular Use
Whole barley
Whole broen rice (short grain)
Whole brown rice (medium grain)
Whole corn
Whole millet
Whole oats
Whole rye
Whole wheat
Other whole cereal grains



 About one quarter (25-30%) of each meal my include vegetables prepared in a variety of ways,including steaming,bolling,and pressure cooking. Vegetables consummend as part of the macrobiotic diet should be organic,locally grown,and eaten in the season in which they were grown. Your meals can offer a variety of colors,tastes,and texture if u include many different kinds of vegetables.


 One on two cups or small bowels of soup may be included daily. We recommend seasoning soups with moderate amount of miso,tamari soy sauce,or sea salt,so that they taste neither to salty nor too bland.


 Along with,selecting and preparing the riht foods,families can eat together as often as possible,at least once a day. The following recommendations can help you and your family develop good eating habits.
a. chew foods thoroughly
b. eat only when hungry
c. eat in an orderly manner
d. leave the table when you feel satisfied do not wait until you are full
e. drink comfortably but not excessively
f.  for optimum health,it is best for adutlts to avoid eating there hours before sleeping


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